Typical Uses

Lead Generation

Lead generation

One of The most common uses is to take advertising response. The concept is simple. Callers dial your number and listen to an outgoing message describing your product, service or opportunity and possibly directing the caller to additional resources (such as a web site) for more information. If the caller is interested they are invited to leave a message including their name, telephone, best time to call or whatever information you like.

Advertising is the best way to generate leads. Unlike buying leads from a lead generation company, you control the content and method of the marketing. The result is fresh, pre-qualified leads targeted to your enterprise rather than recycled leads that initially responded to some generic advertisement. Initially, putting together a marketing campaign and generating your own leads is more work, but your ongoing reward for that extra work is higher quality leads, increased efficiency and, ultimately, a higher degree of success.

Small Business Office

Small Business Office

The Virtual Assistant, also known as an Automated Attendant, takes over the mundane task of answering calls, presenting the caller with the options available and directing the calls to their final destination. The auto attendant may also answer frequently asked questions, such as the business address and operating hours.

In this example, callers are welcomed and presented with the options of talking to sales, service, to hear driving directions and hours of operation or press zero to talk to the operator.

Training / Information Line

Training line

Many organizations must train new members in an efficient and standardized way. By setting up a training line, members can call in twenty-four hours a day to hear recorded messages on various topics. It is efficient for the organization because once it is set up, training can be provided to any number of members. Because everyone goes through the same training, the organization is assured that all members have the proper instruction. And, because the members can call anytime and do as much training as they like, it is convenient.

Callers are greeted and presented with a list of available topics (Menu). Once a topic has been selected, the caller may interrupt the selection and return to the menu or select another option at any time. Once a topic is completed, the call is returned to the menu for the caller to make another selection.

Real Estate Agent Home Selling Tool

Real Estate Agent Home Selling Tool

Real estate agents need to be able to provide information to potential homebuyers on demand. When callers dial this number, they are greeted by the agent and given a quick overview of the agent or agency (Intro). The caller is then presented with the option to choose from current property listings or contact the agent (Menu).

If the caller chooses a property, they will hear a recorded description of that property. After the description is finished, the call returns to the menu where the caller can select another property or choose to contact the agent.

If the caller chooses to contact the agent, the call is forwarded to the agent’s cell phone. If the agent does not answer, the caller is instructed to leave a message with their name, phone, the property they are interested in and the best time to call.