Co-op Marketing Platform

What is Co-op Advertising?

Co-op advertising is a means by which a group of people can pool their funds to buy advertising and share in the leads generated from the advertising. With the increased buying power, the group can:

  • Buy bigger ads – Bigger ads attract more attention.
  • Buy more ads – Studies show most consumers must be exposed to a good or service several times before they buy.
  • Reduced cost per lead – Buying bigger ads and more ads earn discounts.
  • Create better ads – Some funds can be invested in producing more professional and effective ads.

Telephone and Internet Lead Integration

Leads generated over the telephone and leads generated from the Internet are seamlessly integrated and delivered to the co-op members in the order they arrive.

How it Works

Advertisements are placed by the group that direct interested parties to call a telephone number or go to an Internet site for more information. A single ad or set of related ads are grouped into "campaigns" A co-op requires at least one campaign, but may have many campaigns generating leads for it.

When an interested party calls and leaves a voicemail message or completes a form on the Internet site, a lead is generated. As leads are generated, they are distributed by 800Link in real time to the members of the co-op, starting with the first member. Once all members have received their share of the leads, the cycle begins again.

Co-op Management

Online administration tools provide the ability to manage co-ops from the initial creation of the co-op to the day to day administration. Add, remove, move or change members on the fly, modify co-op and campaign settings, and much more.

Duplicate Detection and Re-routing

Duplicate leads can be troublesome. Consider a caller that leaves a message, then calls back a few minutes later to leave a second contact number. If these are handled as two separate leads, that person will have two people from the co-op trying to contact them.

If our system detects a duplicate lead, it is automatically diverted from being assigned to another co-op member and re-routed back to the person that got the original lead. Detection parameters are configurable so its operation is appropriate for your co-op.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Tracking performance to gauge the effectiveness of how advertising dollars are being spent is a critical part of running a successful co-op. Get a snapshot of the co-op status at a glance or view detailed activity reports that show the number of respondents, the number of leads generated and the conversion rate for telephone, Internet and combined activity. The results are broken down by co-op, campaign, date and hour so that you can drill down to the level of detail you need. Results can also be filtered by several attributes so that only the data you are interested in are presented.