Your 800LiNK Number

Your service comes with one or more numbers. The type of number you choose depends upon how you intend to use the service and your personal taste.

Toll-free Numbers

A toll-free number is a special kind of number created for business to allow their customers to call them "on the company's dime". They are traditionally associated with business and thus offering a toll-free number adds a professional touch. The first, best known and most sought-after toll-free prefix is 800. Others have since been added to accommodate demand. These include 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and most recently 833.

Toll Numbers

A toll number is just a regular telephone number. Depending on your plan, incoming calls are charged a reduced per minute rate or nothing at all. Consider this type of number if you don't need a toll-free number and you expect heavy call volume.

Voicemail Features

Outgoing Message

The outgoing message, also called the greeting, is the first thing callers hear when they dial into your number. The message can be recorded over the telephone, a digital audio file can be uploaded or you can use our professional recording service for an exceptional caller experience.

Incoming Messages

Your voicemail box can hold up to 1,000 messages. Messages can be retrieved over the telephone or online. Messages are automatically saved for up to one month. If you need to save messages for longer than that, consider using e-mail delivery discussed below.

New Message Notification and Delivery

Our notification system will call and/or e-mail you when a new message comes in. Notification is almost instantaneous, which is important if you need to respond in a timely manner. E-mail delivery attaches a MP3 file for voice messages and a PDF file for fax messages.

Online Administration

800LiNK Online Administrator give you access to your messages, account information and a robust set of administrative tools online.

Rollover Minutes

Any minutes that you do not use are converted to rollover minutes and are carried forward for future use. Rollover minutes are good for up to twelve months and as long as your pool of minutes is not completely used up, you will never have to purchase additional minutes.


AutoBlocker stops abusive callers repeatedly dialing your number, eating up your time and filling your mailbox with threatening or nonsense messages. 800LiNK automatically blocks abusive callers from dialing your number, saving you time, money and your peace of mind.

* Autoblocker is disabled by default.

Menu / Virtual Receptionist

A menu or virtual receptionist allows the caller to make a selection from various options. Generally, options are single digit (1, 2, 3). However, the option length can be from one digit to four digits. Sub-menus are also supported for more complex applications.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding delivers calls live to you, wherever you are in North America. Turn it on, off or change where calls are routed to suit your schedule. Unanswered calls are redirected to your voicemail. If a message is left, our automated system will attempt to notify you that you have a message waiting.


Receiving faxes

An 800LiNK fax-enabled number can act as a dedicated fax line or double as a fax/voice line. If set up as a dedicated line, calls are answered with a fax tone and only faxes will be accepted. Otherwise, the number can take both fax and voice messages. Calls are answered by your outgoing message. If a fax machine is detected, 800LiNK will switch automatically into fax receive mode and accept the incoming fax.

Sending Faxes

Fax document retrieval can be set up in several ways
  • Single Document - Callers hear a short message from you, then automatic transmission of your document begins.
  • Fax Menu - Callers are presented with a menu of fax documents to select from (press one for product documentation, press two for company information, press three for order forms...).
  • Fax Library - Each of your documents is assigned a unique document number (such as document 1001). This supports a virtually unlimited number of documents and callers can select multiple documents during the same call. A complete list of available documents can be retrieved by pressing the star key.
  • Fax Back - In general, retrieving a Fax On Demand document required the caller to be dialing from a fax machine. To avoid this requirement, you can add the option to forward the requested document(s) to an alternate fax number. This makes your documents available to those who do not own a fax machine, however you pay the long distance charges.

* Some features may not available with all plans. See plan pricing for more information.